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About Cool Travel Spots

It took me a long time to find my "passion". 

Visiting Cool Travel Spots, making videos about them and building a blog like this to share my findings is pretty much what I love doing. 

In addition to this I am now obsessed with finding ways to generate an income online using blogging and then sharing what I find.

I have spent a lot of time and money following the so called Internet marketing Guru's all promising the world.  The reality is always the same and it will always be the same - good old fashioned hard work, focus, dedication, drive and a never say die attitude are the ingredients that are needed to succeed online or in any venture for that matter.

Being in our early fifties and about to enter into a new chapter, my wife and I are going to challenge the status quo and dare to be different.

Time flies and we want to do our travelling now - if you would like to follow our progress then Subscribe to our Newsletter as I plan to share how things are progressing.


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