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Our Story

Auckland has been home for twenty one , mostly beautiful years.


There has been lots of joy and happiness and there has also been immense sadness and at times real heartache.


Immigrating is never easy, the first few years were the hardest, especially for me as I really missed South Africa and the coastal lifestyle we had. Cape Town's winter is cold but I've always felt that Auckland's winter is worse and it was something I really struggled to get used to.   

Hello and welcome!

I'm Raoul the creator of Cool Travel Spots.


2019 is the year our youngest daughter finishes high school and heads off to university in 2020. 

This situation and the options it brings us, has been simmering in our mind for the last few years. Being 52 years young and really wanting to do our travelling now rather than later, prompted us to do some serious introspection on what those options look like moving forward.

Anyway, I did get used to it and have thoroughly enjoyed my time here and am deeply grateful and privileged to call it home for so long.

Rather than me sing Auckland's praises in this post, please read my post on the - 

Top 10 Things To Do In Auckland

So what's Next?

The next stage of the journey is still being written and who knows where we will end up.

My first thoughts immediately go to the South Island, as we have visited there for a few days in 2011, a winter getaway to Queenstown.

I think the South Island is a fitting place to start and visit again and create some fresh comprehensive content on what she has to offer.

So, if you keen to hear about where we are, what we doing and other Cool Travel Tips consider Joining our Community.

Our Mission

So, what is it we would like to achieve with this website. What is our objective?
Our objective is to create a valuable up to date resource for travellers. Resources that will cover -: 

Travel Tips

Tips created from actual experience.


Great stories from fascinating people.


Supportive people with the same objective.


Budget friendly travel options.